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Designed to help you with your songwriting and artist development journey.

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songwriting coaching

  • Do you have many unfinished songs?
  • Have you written the first two verses and the chorus, and now you don’t know how to continue?
  • Are your struggling with writing interesting melodies?
  • Are you stuck with similar sounding songs? 

These are common challenges of songwriters that can be easily overcome by using the right tools, techniques and strategies which I use in my coaching sessions. Many of these tools are also taught in the Essential Songwriting Course.

Book a session to get help with:

  • Writing a song from scratch
  • Works in progress that need finishing
  • Finished songs that need an improvement

artist development

If you’re a singer/songwriter or an artist, writing songs is just the first step. To develop as a full fledged professional artist, you will need:

  • A catalogue of songs (your original repertoire)
  • Solid vocal and instrumental performance (if you accompany yourself)
  • Stage presence
  • Artist identity (image) and branding
  • Strategy to build your streams of income 
  • Understand of the music business (copyright, types of record deals, royalties…)
  • And much more…
These topics may naturally come up during songwriting coaching sessions, depending on your goals. You can also book artist development sessions only.