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I never noticed how much Petra had helped me progress with my music writing capabilities until I look back on my work before I started working with her. It’s amazing how much she has helped me progress. My lyric writing skills and my awareness of my musical boundaries and areas for improvement have been really improved by her coaching. With the knowledge I’ve gained, and still aim to gain, I see how her coaching has really helped me become a better musician.
Kristof Vesely

songwriting coaching

  • Do you have many unfinished songs?
  • Have you written the first two verses and the chorus, and now you don’t know how to continue?
  • Are your struggling with writing interesting melodies?
  • Are you stuck with similar sounding songs? 

These are common challenges of songwriters that can be easily overcome by using the right tools, techniques and strategies which I use in my coaching sessions. Many of these tools are also taught in the Essential Songwriting Course.

Book a session to get help with:

  • Writing a song from scratch
  • Works in progress that need finishing
  • Finished songs that need an improvement

artist development

If you’re a singer/songwriter or an artist, writing songs is just the first step. To develop as a full fledged professional artist, you will need:

  • A catalogue of songs (your original repertoire)
  • Solid vocal and instrumental performance (if you accompany yourself)
  • Stage presence
  • Artist identity (image) and branding
  • Strategy to build your streams of income 
  • Understand of the music business (copyright, types of record deals, royalties…)
  • And much more…
These topics may naturally come up during songwriting coaching sessions, depending on your goals. You can also book artist development sessions only.

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