This workshop is open to musicians and non-musicians alike (lyricists only). The goal is to equip you with tools to write better lyrics by introducing you to the concepts such as prosody, song plot or sensory object writing. You’ll learn how to use the lyrics to build suspense, to ‘breath life’ into your songs and emphasize the song’s theme. As a result, your lyrics will be more ‘cohesive’, memorable and convey the story more convincingly. While the workshop is taught in English, you can use these tools in any language.


Additional Benefits:

  • Receive invaluable feedback from the instructor and other songwriters
  • Collaborate with others that will push the limits of your creativity beyond what you’re normally used to
  • Expand your network of collaborators and contacts in the music world.

3 x 90 minutes (excluding breaks)

The duration of the workshop can be slightly adjusted based on individual needs, but not less than 4 hours.



If you are a school or an individual interested in organizing the ESC or collaboration, reach out to petra.jordan@messageofthesong.com for pricing, partnership details and a customized offer.

"Lyrics.. .Setting the scene.. Prosody...Just a few things that Petra Jordan teaches you during her class on writing lyrics... It helped me to see things from a totally new and different angle when producing songs or festival intros… Besides a very clear and effective class... it's So Much Fun.!!"
Henny Vas
Abbey Road Institute Alumnus