“Songs have a very repetitive nature, and repetition is how habitual thinking is formed.
​Once I realized this, I asked myself: ‘If I perform a song hundreds of times,
what do I want to reinforce in my and my audience’s mind?
​What messages do I want to put out?'”

~ Petra Jordan, founder of Message of the Song

Awareness is a very empowering experience. Being aware of the messages you put out through your songs and the songwriting tools you can use to strengthen your songs and accentuate their messages makes songwriting a much more intentional process.

Empowering you with the songwriting tools and ways to cultivate your awareness is the focus of “Message of the Song” courses and workshops.

Receiving feedback on your work is invaluable to your progress.

Book a personalized consultation that will help you with the song’s structure, lyrics, melody and composition.

Have you ever looked for a creative, out-of-the-box team building activity? Look no further!

​For this workshop, you don’t need to know how to be an amazing singer or play an instrument. It is designed so that you just write lyrics to an original instrumental track with a melody line.

You’ve heard that “Your network is your net worth”.
To make a living as a songwriter, as the first step, you have to have the skills and know how to master your art. 
Who you know is the second step.

Join our network of songwriters, artists, producers, recording engineers… 
​Our community is ever growing! 

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The concept of Message Of The Song was developed by Petra Jordan, who is also the primary facilitator. 

Guest teachers may be invited for some sessions, in which case you will be notified before signing up.