Hundreds of songs have been written over the same chord progressions. And while there is nothing new to invent in terms of chord progressions, you can learn how to support your song’s theme using various compositional elements or find unique chord progressions that fit your style and personality. For example, we’ll look at how to compose ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ songs in both, major and minor scales, how to create mood change within a song, how to brighten up the minor’s mood or what tools you can use to emphasize the song’s title. And of course, we will also look at ‘hit formulas’ that the music industry has been (over)using for decades! This workshop will add value to your compositional skills whether you’re a beginner songwriter or you’ve been writing for a while but perhaps more instinctively rather than intentionally.  

Additional Benefits

  • Receive invaluable feedback from the instructor and other songwriters
  • Collaborate with others that will push the limits of your creativity beyond what you’re normally used to
  • Expand your network of collaborators and contacts in the music world.

For this workshop you need a basic understanding of chord progressions and how Roman numerals are used to represent chord names – For example – in the key of “C”, “Cmaj” is a “I” chord, “Dmin” a “ii” chord, “F” a “IV” chord, etc…
You do not need to know how to read sheet music.



3 x 90 minutes (excluding breaks)

The duration of the workshop can be slightly adjusted based on individual needs, but not less than 4 hours.


If you are a school or an individual interested in organizing the ESC or collaboration, reach out to petra.jordan@messageofthesong.com for pricing, partnership details and a customized offer.

"During my study at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam, I’ve had the time of my life. Not only I increased my theoretical knowledge, I was participating in many practical workshops as well. One of them has taught me excellent skills when it comes to good songwriting. The workshop ‘Message of the Song’ by Petra Jordan, is one I would like to mention in particular. I’m a producer, not a songwriter, but this workshop gave me plenty of teachings about lyrics to be helpful to my customers during the writing process. If needed, of course.

It literally taught me how to bring out the true message of the song. How you connect various words with each other into one cohesive, clarified story. How your keywords are key when you want to be sure that you say what you have to say. A hands-on workshop with a great interaction between Petra and the students. Actually, you start learning to write proper lyrics immediately, because she pinpoints the most important strategy of lyric writing straight away! Do I recommending it? Oh yes! Message of the Song teaches what it says."
Adam Seller
Producer/DJ/Engineer/ Abbey Road Institute Alumnus