Essential songwriting course


Essential Songwriting Course (ESC)
 is a series of 3 workshops on lyrics, composition and melody (details below) designed to give you solid foundations in these essential areas of songwriting. You’ll learn the theory by doing hands on exercises, you’ll collaborate with other participants and your facilitator (Petra Jordan) will provide additional guidance wherever necessary.

Each workshop is composed of 3 x 90 min sessions (the length may vary slightly, depending on the number of participants) and is made up
 of (shorter) theoretical parts and (longer) practical parts. 



ESC Intensive – 3 weeks
This module is designed for a location that has a common space and break out rooms. After each theoretical part, you will do assignments individually or in small groups and receive feedback during each workshop. We meet 1x week (1 workshop/week) and the course lasts 3 weeks. The final concert is organized on the 4th week (or soon after).

ESC Semi-Intensive
  – 6 weeks

This module is designed for a location that is a single space. We have group exercises during each workshop and you take individual assignments home. An additional (4th) session is added to each workshop which is focused on giving you feedback on your assignments. You bring the assignments with you to the feedback session. Therefore each of the 3 workshops is split into two parts (Part 1 – session 1 & 2; Part 2 – session 3 & feedback session). We meet 1x week over the course of 6 weeks. The final concert is organized on the 7th week  (or soon after).

ESC Regular – 12 weeks

This module is also designed for a location that is a single space and it also has an additional (4th) feedback session. We meet 1 x week (90 min) for 12 weeks. The final concert is organized on the 13th week.

Max Number of Participants

In order to be able to provide you with personal attention and feedback, the course is limited to the max of 6 participants at a time.


You can register for the entire course and, in some locations, also for its individual workshops (this is always specified on the registration page.). 
To get the most comprehensive benefit of the course, it is recommended to sign up for all of its workshops. 


Prices are listed on the Registration Page.

"Petra is a charismatic teacher who inspires you to start creating good songs. Songs that can capture and express your deeper feelings and emotions. I would recommend her courses to everybody who is into writing songs and creating music!"
Nick Papakostas

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