You might have seen the videos on how hundreds of songs are written over the same chord progressions. And while there is nothing new to invent in terms of chord progressions, you can learn how to contrast song sections, how to express and change the mood in a song using various compositional elements (and not just major/minor chords) or what types of development tools you can use. We will also look at the effect of certain chords and chord progressions.

Prerequisite: For this workshop you need a basic understanding of chord progressions and how Roman numerals are used to represent chord names – e.g.: In the scale of “C”, “Cmaj” is a “I” chord, “Dmin” a “ii” chord, “F” a “IV” chord, etc…

Introductory Price: 
€99 p/p (incl. 21% VAT) with a free meal in Django Café of Max Guitar.
(If you’re under 21, you do not pay VAT and will be refunded € 17.18 after presenting your ID at the workshop).

As of 2019, the price will increase to €125 p/p incl. 21% VAT


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